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TGIF (now there’s an original title…)

Posted on: September 5, 2008

Ewww… I stumbled across 2 great quotes today:

Breathe.  Inhale hope.  Exhale determination. ~ Trisha Selgrath

I like the idea of exhaling determination because sometimes determination feels just like stress…


How beautiful it is to relax, and do nothing afterwards.

What a great title for a vacation layout!


Here are a few of Today’s Moments of Joy: 

Aren’t these adorable? How could you not be happy in these?

  • J’s bringing home Chipotle for dinner.  Sigh – L*O*V*E the Spicy Beef Burrito Bowl
  • None of the kids have baseball/football games or practices tonight
  • My kitchen is clean.  Yes, I cleaned it – but it’s so nice to have it finished with no dinner ware to clean up tonight
  • Tracy Ann Robinson is having a clearance sale -over 90 items for $25!!!  SOOOOO worth it – Tracy Ann Digital Art
  • I finally got the hang of inserting pictures and links into my blog posts – fancy, huh?
  • J and I are going to watch Return of the King tonight (LOR3) – it’s been a while
  • I completed a layout today!

So what were YOUR moments of joy today?  Stop and think about – it will make you happy!



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4 Responses to "TGIF (now there’s an original title…)"

Well I got to lie late in bed and read a book. It’s a great day when you don’t have to cook.

Those shoes are adorable and they look SUPER comfy!!

Lovely shoes.

My joy today – well it is 7.30am and I haven’t (yet) been grumpy with the kids! (LOL)

Very sweet template! TFS!

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