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Another Digital Freebie to Share

Posted on: September 6, 2008

Hi!  I worked on a layout last night and, since it uses only my own products, I thought I’d offer it as a quick page today.  Then I thought,”I might as well turn it into a sketch template as well”.  THEN I thought, “Well, since the papers are already made I should just throw those in, too.” 

So here’s my layout of my Sweet Girl:

And here’s what I’m offering you –

Visions Quick Page (PNG), Sketch Template (PSD only), 3 Grungy Papers (300 dpi JPEG):

Please take a minute to leave me a comment if you grab it: Thank You!



5 Responses to "Another Digital Freebie to Share"

These are wonderful! Thank you soo much:)

Thanks so much!

You have 1 one of the stamps from Studio G off my blog.
Please forward your Email address..

Thanks so much! Gorgeous photo of the sweet girl!

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