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Ewww… Ahhh….

Posted on: September 8, 2008

Thought you digi scrappers might be interested in a chance to win this beautiful Dusk Mini Kit (or the entire kit!!) designed by Megan Farrow (Flergalicious) of Studio Flergs (ScrapbookGraphics):

Pretty, huh?  Well, check out the Growing In Grace Magazine for all the details!  F*U*N!  F*U*N!  F*U*N!



Anybody out there ever leave their wet laundry in the washer soooo loooong that it develops that HORRIBLE stink (that re-washing and drying doesn’t remove)? ICK,YUCK.  I seem to do it once a month and it happened AGAIN this morning!  I put a load in on Saturday and forgot about it until Monday morning – PU (gak!)!  Thankfully, there wasn’t any mold/mildew yet so I was able to save the load thanks to a Martha Stewart Tip: drumroll please… re-wash the load and add 1 full cup of white vinegar to it (I add it in the beginning but I think the original tip said to do it at the spin cycle – but seriously, who can remember to catch the spin cycle?). It will smell odd before you dry it but apparently the dryer heat removes the vinegar smell and “viola!” – no more stinky laundry. Thank you, Martha, you saved me once again.


Blog Junkie

I think I’m really getting the hang of this ‘bloggin-thing”. I’m realizing that, just like scrapping helps me notice the small everyday events that normally get missed, – blogging does, too!  I knew from past expereince that keeping track of my Moments of Joy was the best way to bring more joy into my life (it sort of trains your brain to notice when it’s happy and to take note of it) but surprise, surprise – blogging does that, too!  As I go through my day I find myself looking for things to blog about, things to be happy about, moments to scrap…etc… all in all I think I’ve found the trifecta of “being present”. I’m enJ*O*Ying it!


So here were some of my Moments of Joy today:

  • I had to do all of my errand running in the rain today… BUT… for the first time in my life (seriously) I had an umbrella in my car!
  • Not only did I have an umbrella but it was a CUTE rainbow, polka-dotted umbrella that matched my outfit – I was the envy of all the mom’s at the grocery store (I’m sure!)
  • Sweet A had the school nurse call me because she wasn’t feeling well.  I picked her up (with a loving smile on my face instead of the are-you-SURE-you’re-sick-face?) and in the van she said, “Thanks for trusting me, Mom.”  (Meaning not doubting whether or not she was sick.  🙂  )
  • I found THE CUTEST clearance items at Office Max (of all places) to use as party favors for A’s upcoming party.  I’ll try to share a photo later…  CUTE stuff and sooo cheap!
  • As if finding the clearance stuff wasn’t exciting enough I also remembered a $10-off coupon that was hiding in my purse!!  It’s like I got the party favors for FREE!  Yeah, Me.
  • Not sure why I enjoyed this but unbeknownst (good word, huh?) to J and I the kids turned the heater on in the pool and left it on overnight so that the water was HOT (keep in mind we’re in Illinois).  Well, when it rained today it made our pool (it’s an in-ground)… STEAM.  It just looked so… interesting, I guess…  I’m sure the next electricity bill will be interesting too!

So take a moment and remember YOUR moments of joy today – the more you look for them them more they’ll appear!


Oh, oh, oH!  Two more quick things to share:  I visited a blog yesterday (Sara Ellis Blog) that pointed me to this really fun, frustrating, & addicting game. Picture that handheld paddle ball game and, using your mouse, try to “click” on the ball. If you can catch it the ball changes color. It’s hard but once you figure it out it’s F*U*N!:  BALL GAME

Lastly, (I promise) The Bonnie Hunt Show premiered today and she debuted a really good, young, song writer/singer .  If you enjoy Jewel’s or Michelle Branch’s music I think you’d enjoy Meiko

Now go make your life count by improving someone else’s day!


3 Responses to "Ewww… Ahhh…."

I have totally left my laundry like that and did so yesterday. I usually let my washer fill and put a couple of drops of bleach (kind of risky) but the bleach takes that smell out. LOL I did it over the weekend so yesterday I had the same issue.

By the way that little kit is beautiful.

And thanks for visiting my blog.

Oh, my goodness! That is so funny that you would mention the laundry thing. I had this happen to my expensive sheets. The only pair of nice sheets in the house. But I forgot I had washed them (3 days ago!) and now they are stinky. I tried the white vinegar on them yesterday and they didn’t completely disappear the fragrance but close. I put it in the dryer hoping it worked. LOL! We will see.

Great blogging about the Moments of Joy. It is true we need to be more aware of moments don’t we. Thanks bunches hun!

What a lovely blog and thanks for the tip on the stinky laundry…not that I would ever do that….hehehe

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