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Mine was good – how was yours?

Posted on: September 8, 2008

…weekend, that is!  Lots of good stuff to report today. 

First of all, have you seen the AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, & OUTRAGEOUS clearance sale going on over at Funky Playgorund Designs?  You just gotta check it out! ($.50 KITS!)


This weekend was the annual block party in our old neighborhood. The kids still have many friends on the street so they love to go. I made my favorite potluck appetizer: Antipasto Skewers

They’re always well-received and so cute and easy to make.
Smoked Sausage (I like to get 3 different flavors – like Hillshire Farms Summer Sausage, Garlic, & Beef)
2 or 3 Cheeses (I use Colby Jack, Pepper Jack, & Fresh Mozzarella Balls – the kind in seasoned olive oil)
Cherry Tomatoes
Stuffed Green Olives
Olive Oil & Vinegar Dressing (I use Paul Newman’s)
Shredded Parmesan Cheese

Directions: Place the pepper-o-chinis in a small bowl in the middle of your platter. Cube the sausage and cheese. Thread one sausge, one cheese, and then either a tomato or an olive on each toothpick. When your platter is full – drizzle (don’t pour!) the dressing over the skewers and sprinkle with the parmesan cheese.

I hope you try them – they’re yummy and the platter can sit out for a long period of time without spoiling, so it’s great for “grazers”.


Hmmmm… What else….
I Stumbled upon a great scrapping quote:

We write (scrap) to taste life twice, once in the moment and in retrospection.   ~ Anais Nin

I obviously added the (scrap) part but I’m sure it was intended – ha, ha!


Some Moments of Joy from my weekend:

  • I had an evening to myself while J took the kids out
  • & I enjoyed popcorn for dinner that night!
  • “Ever After” (with Drew Barrymore) was on tv while I surfed the web on my laptop – one of my favs
  • I took an afternoon nap on Sunday and M fell asleep with me on the couch… Ahhh – he’s 7 so I doubt that will happen too many more times!
  • Between the FPD & Tracy Ann Designs Clearance Sales I got a TON of new goodies for only $30!
  • And I captured a few good action pictures of A during her softball game


Lunch Box Joke:

(Yes, I’m one of those moms that (occassionally) leaves notes in my kid’s lunchboxes)…

What happened to the bee that fell in love?

(insert Jeopardy music here… Do, do, Do, do, Do, do, Dooooooo, *DUNT*, d-dunt, dunt, dunt, dunt, DUUNT)

He got stuck on his honey!


Lastly here’s the Affirmation I’ll be working on this week:

I have all the skills, talent, intelligence, and creativity I need to achieve anything.

And so do YOU!

Make your life count!



12 Responses to "Mine was good – how was yours?"

I’ll have to try those skewers. The action photos were great and thanks for the quote, very true about scrapping.

Hi, it’s 3 in the afternoon here on my side, and those skewers made we want to head out and buy some snacks to munch in. It really looks yummy. thanks for sharing the recipe. The quote, the joke and your affirmation are really great.

Those sound yummy!!

those skewers look so yummy!!! great photos of your daughter playing ball! love the quote you “altered” hehe…

omg, those skewers look delicious!! Is it bad that I want to eat them for breakfast?

Those skewers look tasty. I think I might try them for one of our upcoming get togethers. Thanks for sharing the quote and affirmation as well.

Great photos!!!!!!
Greetings from the Blog Train!!

Thank you for your stop at my blog! Wonderful pics!!

oh yummy!! Those look SOO delicious and I’m starving! Any left overs you can email me??? (don’t you wish we could email leftovers!!)

Antipasto Skewers look YUMMY!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I really enjoyed yours. I am very hungry now! LOL and I thought your joke was good!

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. Those antipasto skewers look absolutely scrummy 🙂

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