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Quick Pages?

Posted on: September 9, 2008

I collect quick pages but I rarely use them… I like them, they save time, they’re perfect for making gift albums… yet, I rarely use them…  hmmmm… How about you? Do you use them often? Well, thanks to the Quick Page give-a-way going on at ScrapArtist, (details here) I used one of their pages in order to earn another one! :

Future Teacher’s Pets:

“I love you.  Stay on green (the good behavior code at their school).  Be good.  Learn something new!”  Is what I yell as they run to the bus stop.  “Yada, Yada!”  Is what they yell back!  🙂


Google Reader :
Do you guys use this?  Now that I have a blog I’ve been visiting a lot of other blogs and if it’s one I’d like to return to I add it as a subscription in Google Reader.  I have Google Reader set as my homepage so when I open my web browser it shows me a list of all the blogs I enjoy and their most recent posts – all in one place. Very convenient- and FREE – gotta love the FREE stuff!


Okay, my first goal of the day was to get in the shower by noon – I’ve got 3 minutes! Gotta go!


11 Responses to "Quick Pages?"

I LOVE using quick pages!!!! I use them all the time for gifts (like you mentioned) and for cards and things. I DO use them for myself once in a while…. but not really all that often. (Not sure why…. LOL…. cause I love making them! I guess it’s cause I like ‘creating’ my pages from scratch.) I love your blog BTW…. I’m glad I hopped on the DST train. I am gleaning all kinds of great inspriation for scrapping here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ‘Colorful Zoe’ page you made!!! I’m totally scraplifiting you on that one! Just gorgeous! Well… have a good one….. 🙂

I love your page with the QP. I love to use them and make them. I will have to check out the ScrapArtist myself now. thanks for the tip on Google Reader too. Awesome!

cute layout! thanks for visiting my blog!

Yep, I have a lot of QP’s (although I’ve never purchased any) but I never use them. Oh wait, I did buy one album last year to make a gift for my brother and his wife, but that’s it. I guess I just feel like I’m cheating myself if I use them. It’s like buying a pre-made paper album and telling everyone you’re a scrapbooker.

That layout is too cute! LOL

Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I haven’t used quick pages myself, although I have picked up a few here and there along the way. I do need to sign up for google reader though (thanks for the reminder!). 🙂

I am more of a collector of QP’s. I have used them sometimes and I agree they are a great timesaver. I guess for me though the creative outlet comes more from creating my own pages. Still it is good to have a few QP’s for making a quick gift or card.

I love QP too.. I sure grap QP’s that are stunning in my eyes but never used, sometimes I did but for my friends 🙂

You know I never get quick pages…I’m kind of a slacker when it comes to actually scrapping though. I get more pleasure from designing the kits! Yours looks absolutely adorable though! And I will definitely have to pay closer attention to google reader!

Nope, never use QP, I enjoy creating my own too much! Lovely blog, thanks for your comments on mine.

LOL, at my son’s school they do that too. He’s in 3rd grade now and it’s over but in K, I’d ask him first thing when he got home, “Did you stay on green?”

Cute layout!!!

Your painted papers are very nice :0) Great quotes. My kids like the joke. chuckle

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