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How did 9/11 awaken you?

Posted on: September 11, 2008

On 9/11 I was actually in the hospital with my 5-week old 3rd son. He had had an incredibly high fever, a couple of seizure-like moments, was weak and hooked up to an IV.  I had slept overnight next to his bed (on a HARD plastic recliner) and when I saw the news the doctors still weren’t sure what was wrong with him. I saw the panic and fear on the tv, and in the hospital, but all I cared about at that moment was my baby. I had had a hard pregnancy, I was suffering from pre & post partum depression, and had spent the previous few weeks feeling guilty because I wondered if it had been a mistake to have had a 3rd child… if i was capable of loving this child… then suddenly it was clear to me. In the midst of this huge national disaster he was ALL that mattered. I could could see how lopsided the events were – our country being attacked by terrorists vs. one baby being sick – but it was exactly that lopsidedness that made me really see him for the first time.  It was like the heavens had opened and lit him up so that he was all my heart could see.  It took 9-11 to awaken my maternal love for my son and we’ve had a special love affair ever since (and he’s completely healthy, btw).  So how did 9/11 awaken you?


Here’s a quote I feel is very relevant for today:

So much has been given to me, I have no time to ponder over that which has been denied. ~ Helen Keller


Kids say the darndest things!

Time to lighten up this post – I want to leave you smiling!  Yesterday I took a late shower and put some purfume on (which I almost never do).  Upon arriving home from school my daughter, A (she’s 9), gave me a big hug and announced, “Mmmmm, Mom… you smell 50 years younger!”.  I’m 39.  Does that mean I usually smell like I’ve been dead for 11 years?!  🙂

And a cute photo I received in an e-mail a while back:

How to tell… that you’re NOT Mom’s favorite!

 Love your kids extra hard today and Be Happy!



11 Responses to "How did 9/11 awaken you?"

Great post – thanks for sharing your 9/11 moments…

And that picture – TOO funny!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday… 🙂

I was still working and getting ready for work and listen to the news when the crashes happened. I was on the bus going to work when the buildings collasped. It was such a beautiful, sunny day, but such an eery day. The city was silent since the grounded all flights.

lol, what a cute photo and great story to lighten up the somber mood today. It’s amazing how we remember all those little details on life changing days like 9/11. Have a great day with your kids today!

What a great story to remember a sad day.
I love the photo.

I still remember the feelings I felt that day. I never want to nor plan to forget!
You’re story is precisely what helps us overcome difficulities. We moved to Mississippi 2 months prior to Hurricane Katrina. We rode it out and it was an experience. We had over $80,000 damage to the home we just bought, but we were alive and that’s what counted. One of my strongest memories is how my oldest (12 yo at the time) saw his 1st shooting star because we had no power (for 3 weeks, LOL) and the night skies were GORGEOUS!

What a touching story of motherhood and love! It’s the reality we live in that sometimes you don’t feel an immediate connection with your child. I think it is also an amazing reality that sometimes the simplest good things can come out of truly terrible situations.

Your story made me want to go hug my daughter! I love the quote from your daughter too! So funny!

i’m overwhelmed – if i take anything for granted in my life, it’s probably my 2 beautiful, amazing, healthy children. thanks so much for your visit to my blog today, and for giving me a perspective i really needed! i’ll be back, btw – your blog is lovely!

I’m LOL at that photo. The quote you shared today is perfect for a day of remembrance that this one seems to be. As much as I think we should not forget the things of history for they are part of who we are I think it is important that we remember all that we have been blessed with. You have shared great perspective.

I was pregnant with my last DD, and living in London. I remember all the mothers at the school gate talking about it that afternoon.

Love your layouts 🙂

OMGosh that photo is so funny!! I feel like I’m the bird getting stepped on when it comes to my mom and my siblings…

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