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Wheeeeew…… (that’s me dusting off my blog!)

Posted on: October 10, 2008

I’m back!  I’m going to spare you all the sad stories of what’s kept me away (such as my EHD crash, HUGE loss of digi product, my Grandma’s death, and my broken camera) and jump right into some good stuff! 

G*O*O*D   S*T*U*F*F 

While I was away I read ALL FOUR books in the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer – I fell in love with Bella, Edward, Jacob, Alice, and Renesme.  For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about – it’s a love story between a girl, a vampire family, and a pack of werewolves.  It’s mesermizing, touching, and so full of feeling that I read each of the 500+ paged books in only 5 – 6 hours!  I simply couldn’t put them down! 

Well looky-looky – the first movie is on it’s way!! 



 I’m so excited for it – I feel like a groupie!  I like their choice for Bella – but am undecided as to whether Edward is justly represented.  He’s so mature, confident, handsome, gallant, and commanding in the books… and Jacob… no peek of him yet!


My Quick Movie Reviews of recently rented movies:

Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Funny, Sweet, a Great DVD movie – Not hysterical, though.  Worth renting.

Iron Man – REALLY Good!  Whole family enjoyed it and Robert Downey Jr. is excellent!

The Happening – Boring, boring, boring, and unsatisfying.


I’ve also been crock-potting – have you visited the blog:  A Year of CrockPotting?

Stephanie made herself a commitment to use her collection of crock pots every day for a year and then she blogs about it. She photographs the ingredients, the finished product, shares the recipe, and then gives her ‘verdict’ on how it turned out and was received by her family. It’s very interesting!

Here are a few of her recipes that I’ve tried and my verdict:

Taco Soup – Surprisingly Yummy – added 1/4 C chopped Onion – will try with Chicken Breast Next!

Barbecue Beef and Beans – Another good one – mine had too much liquid, though, I drained it and added a little extra barbecue sauce. We ate ours with yellow pepper on hamburger buns 

Caramel Apples – Again, mine had too much liquid, and because of that most of the caramel slid down the apple! I’d add less water next time – heat with lid off maybe? They melted quickly and on high almost burnt. They weren’t very pretty but they tasted good and the kids enjoyed it

Apple Sauce – Mine turned out much darker than Stephanie’s – too much cinnamon, maybe? I though this was sour but my family liked it. I cut the apples too small to begin with and will leave them in larger chunks next time.  Also, peel them completely – pieces of skin tasted bad!!

It’s a fun site you should check it out! She follows a gluten-free diet so not all recipes will fit into your lifestyle but use your imagination to picture how YOUR family might use the recipe. 

Think outside the recipe, Grasshopper!



Lastly, I’ve got a good quote for you to consider today:


Too many people miss the silver lining because they’re expecting gold.
–Maurice Setter


Be happy today. ~ Angie




3 Responses to "Wheeeeew…… (that’s me dusting off my blog!)"

Wow lots of cool stuff going on to make up for the crappy recent past! (So sorry about your grandmother, I hope you have some great memories of her to scrap and remember her by).

I agree totally with Iron Man, loved it… and can’t wait for the next one (you know there’s gonna be a next one!).

Thanks for the info about the crockpot recipes, I find they are so subject to personal experience… I mostly just use mine for stew, pulled pork sandwiches and small roasts.

Congrats on the CT! Woohoo! Have a great day, sounds like it’s already off to a great start!

You do have a lot going on. SOrry about your gramma and your EHD. Great recipes and congrats on the CT!

I am finishing up the first Twilight book and have the 2nd one on my desk. OH MY GOSH!!!!! You are right. I love them. I’m a slow reader because of bad eyes, but I want to read more and as much as I can at one sitting. After seeing the trailors of the movie, the book didn’t have the ending fight scene but the movie does? I was warned that I wasn’t going to like Edward in the 2nd book as much. Can’t wait

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