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We Give Thanks

Posted on: November 19, 2008

Ewww…. Ahhhh…. Here’s one of the prettiest Thanksgiving kits I’ve seen this season!  Love the color combinations and how adorable are those journal blocks!? 

Soooooo Cute – you can find it here: Polka Dot Plum




So are you going to be cooking a TURKEY any time soon? 

Check out what the Crock Pot Lady did:  An Any Day Turkey Feast 

We’re heading for Thanksgiving, with my mother-in-law, so I may just give this turkey a try next Monday so I can make our favorite Thanksgiving recipes this season.  I’m also hoping to get our tree up this weekend.  90% of my Christmas shopping is done AND I’ve already begun working on our Christmas cards, letter, and photos!  Yes, the new anti-depressant medication has kicked in!  🙂 

Yeah, Me!


iPhone VS. Sprint Instinct

Any thoughts?  My son REALLY wants the iPhone but I went to the Instinct site and was pretty impressed (not to mention that we’re already with Sprint and it costs less!)

Instinct VS. iPhone 

Anyone know what the iPhone has that the Instinct doesn’t?



Be you and be happy where you are.  ~ Angie




2 Responses to "We Give Thanks"

nice blog – and great kitt!!

Must. look. away. I like most of what Polka Dot Plum puts out.

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