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Thoughts on today’s weight loss struggle

Posted on: January 21, 2010

After 16 days of not struggling through my program, I’m having a LOOOOOOW day.  I’m not in the “mood”, ya know?  I’m still staying on program, though, and I WILL be going to Yoga tonight.  My heart just isn’t in it today – so I’m wondering if my efforts for the day will still work… How much does mood and intention have to do with ultimate weight loss success?  If you exercise in a bad or angry mood do you still benefit from it?

I’m currently reading  “A Million Pieces” by James Frey.  It’s about a drug addict’s journey through rehab and it “kinda” reminds me of my eating habits, my wanting to binge, my wanting to fill a void with food, and my not caring what it was doing to my body – only caring about the immediate rush.  If it was something I loved to eat, I’d even eat and eat until I felt stuffed, uncomfortable, and a little sick.  I think overeating is an addiction.  Will I be fighting this addiction for the rest of my life, like an alcoholic fights their fight?  There’s a few parts in the book where James dreams of doing drugs in such a vivid way that he wakes up sick,  just like he would after a night of doing drugs.  I actually had a dream about eating cookies, cake, and candy the other night.  I don’t even know what to do with that knowledge! 

I will get past today.  I will keep moving forward.  I am stronger than I know.  I want this.  I want this.  I want this.  I want the feeling of pride I know I’ll feel when I start reaching my goals.  I will get past today.  I will keep moving forward.  I am stronger than I know.

~*~*~Moments of Joy ~*~*~

A few little things that remind me of how good my life is…

J and I received a beautiful, soft, heavenly bed spread for Christmas.  Every time I crawl under it I smile and appreciate how wonderful it feels and how gorgeous the color is.

While shopping, I was hungry for lunch but resisted the urge to run through Wendy’s (even though I was prepared to order a salad).  I went home and made a healthy lunch instead – that was delicious, btw.

I had a really good Portobello & Veggie Sandwich for lunch.

Sam’s Club had boxes of Crunch bars.  I ordered the kids Valentine’s Day Candy Bar Wrappers to give out as Valentines and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get the Crunch Bars they wanted – But I DID!  🙂

My toes are polished and ready for yoga!

Writing on my blog has lifted my spirit.


May your day be filled with little moments of recognized joy, too.

 ~ Angie



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________* * ANGIE * *________

They say that muscle is heavier "by volume" than fat is, which means 5 lbs. of muscle takes up less space than 5 lbs. of fat within a body. I'm a believer. This totally explains how your clothes begin to fit better even though the numbers on the scale aren' t moving very fast.

This is GROSS. I know. But I'd rather see the fat HERE than on my body...

Each time we “resist” an urge to fall off plan or not exercise we strengthen our “resistance muscle” and each time we “give in” to temptation we strengthen our “give in muscle” making it easier to either "resist" or "give in" next time.

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