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My Favorite Weight Loss Products & Tips

Posted on: January 22, 2010

I KNOW 2 1/2 weeks of success does not make me an authority on the subject but I thought I’d share a few of the items that I’ve been enjoying and that have kept me from cheating so far:

Veggie Patch Garlic Portabella Burgers (Grill on George Foreman)

Trident Alaskan Salmon Burgers (Grill on George Foreman)

Delmonte Fruit Naturals Red Grapefruit Cups

Mrs. Dash Salt-Free Table Blend Seasoning

Pacific Organic Chicken Broth

Walden Farms Calorie, Fat, Gluten- Free Dressings

McCann’s Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal

Earth’s Best Organic Baby Fruits (to mix in oatmeal)

Mix 1 Protein Shake – before workouts (can add 1/2 banana or strawberries)

Powerade Zero Sports Drink – after workouts

Fresh Tuna Steak (Grill on George Foreman – L*O*V*E THIS!)

Once a week I make homemade veggie soup, brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, baked potatoes, and chicken to eat throughout the week.

I’ve also got a bunch of veggies in the fridge – cut, cleaned, and ready to eat.  I’ve been using Debbie Meyer’s green stay fresh bags and they REALLY work to keep the veggie’s fresh longer!

I’ve also learned that chicken stock CAN be used to sauté food while still getting it to brown!  As the broth burn off add a little more – simple.  Mrs. Dash has lots of seasonings to use instead of butter and salt – I like the spicy ones!


Tips that seem to be making my journey a little easier:

Changing my thought paradigms on what meals “should” look like (ie… breakfast does not HAVE to be bagels, pancakes, toast, or bacon & eggs etc…). Now I usually have cold tuna and grapefruit slices.

I eat off smaller plates and purposely DON’T eat everything on my plate!

I ALWAYS have a bottled water (I like Aquafina Flavor Splash) or a green tea (I make 6 cups a day and fill 3 of my used water bottles with it) near me.

After a decade of worrying about my weight and trying different weight loss plans I’ve FINALLY seen that the scale is NOT my friend.  I put it away.  Yes, I’m curious – however, I feel great, my clothes fit better, I SEE changes in myself, I feel more comfortable in my skin, and I’m proud of myself.  That’s really what counts – not the number on the scale. It’s taken me SOOOOO long to understand that, but it’s T*R*U*E (just like all the pros say!) – It’s really T*R*U*E!

It’s so much easier to exercise if you find one that you actually enjoy (at least a little anyway!).  One that makes you feel good and proud of yourself when you’ve finished.  Bikram Yoga is working for me and I found that being in a room where the only rule is to NOT leave the room before the 90 minute session is finished keeps me from quitting the workout when I feel tired (which happens 10 minutes into the workout!!!).

~ Wishing you MUCH SUCCESS in your journey today – Angie



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________* * ANGIE * *________

They say that muscle is heavier "by volume" than fat is, which means 5 lbs. of muscle takes up less space than 5 lbs. of fat within a body. I'm a believer. This totally explains how your clothes begin to fit better even though the numbers on the scale aren' t moving very fast.

This is GROSS. I know. But I'd rather see the fat HERE than on my body...

Each time we “resist” an urge to fall off plan or not exercise we strengthen our “resistance muscle” and each time we “give in” to temptation we strengthen our “give in muscle” making it easier to either "resist" or "give in" next time.

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