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Push-ups, Sit-ups, and Fennel – Oh My!

Posted on: February 4, 2010

2010 Is The Year has a great, thought provoking post on weight loss goals today!  She also shares a fabulous site that trains you to do 100 consecutive push-ups and/or 200 consecutive sit-ups in just 6 weeks – check them out: 100 push-ups and 200 sit-ups I’m definitely going to give this a try and rope my kids (8, 10, &13) into the challenge, too!  How great of an accomplishment would that be to add to my (OUR – ya, YOU) list of weight-loss successes?  Way C*O*O*L!

I’m still being 100 percent faithful to my eating planwhich you can see here) and have come to the conclusion that roasting vegetables makes them taste so much better than not roasting them!  Case in point:  brussels sprouts, fennel, and even green beans (which looked horribly dried, shriveled, and crunchy but turned out to be like heavenly faux french fries)!!  I’ve never liked brussels sprouts and didn’t care for raw fennel but upon roasting them it was like I’d waved a magic wand over them and **POOF!** – pure deliciousness.   

Roasting veggies is a simple process:  basically just prepare your veggies (cleaning, cutting, peeling etc…) as you normally would.  Drizzle with a wee bit of olive oil (or just a quick spray of canned oil like I do) and toss gently with your fingers.  Sprinkle with the seasonings of your choice.  And stick in a 400-425 degree oven for roughly 45 minutes.  I like mine to brown quite a lot. *** Simply Divine ***  I especially love the roasted sweet potatoes (peel, cut ends off, cut into 4 chunks, lay on pan with the flat – cut sides down, lightly spray with oil, sprinkle with Mrs. Dash’s Extra Spicy Seasoning, and roast until browned – the bottoms carmelize and this healthy, complex carb taste like candy!)!

~ It’s so odd, yet satisfying, to get excited about eating healthy food.  Go figure!

– Angie


4 Responses to "Push-ups, Sit-ups, and Fennel – Oh My!"

Thanks for the pingback & props! 🙂 I wish I could take credit for the 5 goals idea. It took me a few days to come up with my goals – it’s hard to think up something specific! I look at these before & after shots in Body for Life, though, and it’s hard NOT to be inspired.

I second roasted veggies, btw, especially if you make your own soup stock. They give so much more flavor than just steaming!

Oh roasted veggies are one of my faves. That and stir-fry. Always a toss-up in the Erin Takes Control kitchen!

I discovered the same thing! Amazing how much better they taste. Haven’t tried brussel sprouts though – ever. I did see a recipe recently for roasting quarters of cabbage. Hmmm.

Mmm, this one’s making me hungry! I adore roasted veggies.

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