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~ Moments of Joy (and Happiness) ~

Posted on: February 8, 2010

Time to Stop and Look Around at the Joyful Moments Around Me:

Losing 27 pounds – 25% of my ultimate goal!

Allowing myself to take a guilt-free nap today

Getting myself & the  kids to start the 100 push-ups and 200 sit-ups challenges

Knowing that I DEFINETLY WILL fit into one of the smaller dresses in my closet for the Valentine’s dinner/dance this Saturday!  I tried it on today!

Realizing my previous calorie intake was a little low so now I know I can add some more “scary” carbs (complex, of course) into my daily menus

Helping to get S(13) caught up on his missing school assignments

Having found a new weight loss, inspirational blog Escape From Obesity that also has some interesting looking Recipes

Walking into the air conditioned room after 90 minutes in the yoga torture chamber – Ahhhhhh!

Eating that extra 1/4 of roasted sweet potato with dinner tonight


I recieved a Happy 101 Blog Award from : Weightlessly

Happy 101 Award


List 10 things that make me happy

Do one of my “happy things” for the next 10 days

Pass award along to a few other bloggers you’d like to be happy!

  1. Try a new recipe
  2. Play a board game with the kids
  3. Polish my toe nails (I call them yoga toes when they’re polished)
  4. Take the time to meditate
  5. Put my iPod on to dance through my chores
  6. Catch up on my magazine reading (US, Entertainment Weekly, and Rachael Ray)
  7. Spend some time at the book store
  8. Go to a dollar movie (It’s Complicated is there…)
  9. Wear an outfit that didn’t fit 5 weeks ago!
  10. Take a nap

 So, if they have the time (and haven’t recieved it yet), I pass this award on to some of the ladies in my blog roll (check out their blogs!):

Lyn, Erin, Jennifer, Melissa, Rachel, Ann, Becky, Kellie, Leah, and Ella!


~ Moments of recognized Joy and Happiness to all of you! – Angie


5 Responses to "~ Moments of Joy (and Happiness) ~"

I’m impressed that you have done so well to stick with your plan. I am glad to see that you are adding a few more calories, however. I’m actually envious that you are able to schedule your day such that you are eating more frequent smaller meals. I know in my mind that that is better for weight loss. I just can’t seem to devote that much time to meal/snack preparation. Just when one meal is over, doesn’t it seem like you are getting ready for the next one?

Anyway, I’m enjoying your posts and wanted to let you know that I’d like to do the push-ups and sit-ups challenges with you. Have you started yet?

Hi Jennifer! Thanks for following my blog! Eating as often as I do can be a little challenging – especially when I’m not hungry yet! My meals/snacks are pretty small, though. I have a lot of food already prepared, too. I prepare the chicken, turkey, and tuna ahead of time and usually eat it cold. The grapefuit cups and protein drinks are ready-made (I have the bullet blender so adding fruit to the drink is quick and easy). My roasted sweet potatoes are prepared ahead of time as are, oatmeal, and brown rice, and usually a veggie soup, too, (which is easy to add some chicken and/or rice to it). If you don’t mind eating a lot of the same food it’s really not too time consuming during the day. All I usually prepare just before eating are the veggies, sandwiches, or salads.

I have to admit adding the extra calories the past few days has been a little tough – I’m just NOT hungry! I’m trying, though, and I’ll be seeing my doctor in a month.

We just started the push-up/sit-up challenge! We took the initial test on Sunday. The kids did their first training yesterday and I’m doing my first training today – join us! The training is only done 3 times a week (skipping a day in between) so you can catch up. ~ Angie

I received this award awhile back, but THANK YOU so very much! Here is my post with it:

Love those joyful moments!

Thanks so much for the award, Angie! It’s my first one! And BTW, I LOVE spending time in a bookstore too 🙂

Thank you SO much for this award!! I really appreciate it! I just got notified of this from my link checker, otherwise I would have been here MUCH sooner! 🙂

Have a fantastic day.


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They say that muscle is heavier "by volume" than fat is, which means 5 lbs. of muscle takes up less space than 5 lbs. of fat within a body. I'm a believer. This totally explains how your clothes begin to fit better even though the numbers on the scale aren' t moving very fast.

This is GROSS. I know. But I'd rather see the fat HERE than on my body...

Each time we “resist” an urge to fall off plan or not exercise we strengthen our “resistance muscle” and each time we “give in” to temptation we strengthen our “give in muscle” making it easier to either "resist" or "give in" next time.

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