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ISO: A New Mantra

Posted on: February 25, 2010

Rule you mind or it will rule you. 

You can only find out what is possible with your body if you first conquer your mind. 

The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything.  It’s your mind you have to convince. ~ Vince Lombardi 


These are the thoughts that I have been struggling with lately.  For the last 10 days or so I have been having such a hard time making it through my Hot Yoga class.  I’ve been attending the classes for about 6 weeks.  It’s a hard, hard class but I enjoyed the challenge – it was filling me with confidence that I could accomplish anything – I was feeling so proud of myself.  Lately I haven’t been able to complete the class as strongly as I once was, though.  The mantra circulating through my head during class is, “It’s too hot.  I’m too dizzy.  I’m too tired.”  (and “Yes”, I have tried upping my carbs and/or protein before class) I think we all know how difficult it is to be successful at ANYTHING when your thoughts are so negative!   I’ve tried to change this mantra.  I’ve tried, “I love this.  I want this.”  I’ve tried the motivating verse from The Black Eyed Peas song, I’ve Gotta a Feeling “Let’s do it, and do it, and do it, do it, do it.”  I’ve even tried “SMILE THERAPY” (where, even though you don’t feel like it, you *SMILE* anyway).  It really does lift your spirits but it’s not long into the class that the negative mantra returns…  I’ve been leaving the class, discouraged, frustrated, and ANGRY – so NOT the results one wants from a yoga session… 

 SIGH.  Any suggestions? Anyone having success changing their negative thoughts into positive ones?   


On a better note, by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin, I’ve moved into the 2-teens (219!).  Frustrating yoga sessions, or not, here I come ONEderfuls! 

On a funny note, my daughter (10), who is apparently tired of my reading inspirational weight loss blogs, had this inspirational comment for me last night: 

“Mom, you don’t have to lose weight.  You’re almost dead anyway.”   

Can I blame her?  AM 40, you know… 


On an inspirational note, this week I’ve found some great blogs from other women changing their life-styles and losing weight.  Check them out here:  

 365 Days to a New Me – Dawne’s Blog
Prior Fat Girl – Jen’s Blog
Ramblings of a Fat Girl – Lind’s Blog
Project 365 – Tiff’s Blog
The Token Fat Girl – Lorrie’s Blog
The Chubby Girl Diaries – Kellie’s Blog
Fat Girl Dives In – Tina’s Blog 


Play Along:  What’s your inspirational Mantra? 

~ I’m off to shower, shave, and shop! Going to Costco is usually a good work out! – Angie 





4 Responses to "ISO: A New Mantra"

Thank you for the link love and the shout out!

Congratulations on getting down into a new ‘decade’; that is alwasy such a great feeling!

For the hot yoga you could try a few of the things I do to get through something strenuous. Replay Heather Small’s song ‘Proud’ in your head (I only recently discovered this one) as the lyrics are just great for geting through something tough. Second, you could try my mantra: I am stronger than this challenge. I usually repeat it to myself in a serious of four beats:
I am
than this
I think I find that doing that makes it thrum a little better in my soul. Lastly, maybe try counting. When I am doing something that I am having a really hard time getting through I will start to count in my head (yes, I’m serious – stop laughing!). Either start at one and just keep going, set a point that you will count to (like 100) and then keep on repeating that, or (for those more challenging exercises) count backwards from a set number to zero. It is a great distraction technique (for me anyhow). Best of luck!

Kids really know how to put us in our place!

haha 40, SO old… oohh kids, so unaware. good luck at hot yoga, I like what 226 has to say 🙂

i like that quote!

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They say that muscle is heavier "by volume" than fat is, which means 5 lbs. of muscle takes up less space than 5 lbs. of fat within a body. I'm a believer. This totally explains how your clothes begin to fit better even though the numbers on the scale aren' t moving very fast.

This is GROSS. I know. But I'd rather see the fat HERE than on my body...

Each time we “resist” an urge to fall off plan or not exercise we strengthen our “resistance muscle” and each time we “give in” to temptation we strengthen our “give in muscle” making it easier to either "resist" or "give in" next time.

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