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The Bearded Lady’s ~ Moments of Joy~

Posted on: March 9, 2010

The Bearded Lady –

After years of bleaching, plucking, useless electrolysis, shaving, and being totally embarrassed and self conscience of my facial hair – I’m finally getting it permanently removed with Pulsed Light Hair Removal !!!  It’s not cheap – but nothing else has worked and, while working so hard on my weight loss this year, I’ve finally realized that my facial hair is hurting my self-esteem as much as my weight is.  I’m so excited to get rid of it!  I’m considering it a reward for 40 pounds lost AND my, slightly early, birthday gift.  (~*pleasure filled sigh*~

I’m having it done tomorrow morning.  They ask that you leave it alone for a couple of days so they can see exactly where your problem areas are.  OMG.  I’ve never seen it all at once after a couple days’ growth.  I REALLY need to go grocery shopping but – OMG.  I don’t think I can go outside like this!!!  (*blush*)  I keep touching it and finding myself standing in front of the mirror – it’s like a gruesome accident that I can’t look away from.   

~ Bye, bye Beardie! ~



I’ve spent the last couple of days feeling more down than usual.  I’m feeling H-E-A-V-Y, like gravity is pulling too hard on me.  Ever feel like that?  I think I need a good shake to blow the “gloomy clouds” out of my head.  Instead, I’m going to list a few ~ Moments of Joys ~ , read a few blogs, shower and shave (only my legs, though!), dance through a few chores, walk the dogs, try a workout dvd I’ve been putting off for a while, AND take my hairy face to the grocery store despite the screaming voice in my head that’s saying, “No-No-No!  They’ll stare, point, and laugh at you, Bearded lady!”


~ Moments of Joy ~

This is a little one, but every little piece of joy you can find is one more piece of joy that you can celebrate.  I have about 50 blogs under my RSS Feeds tab and have been clicking them one at a time to refresh them a few times a day.  This morning I realized how to refresh them all at once!  Little J*O*Y – but still C*O*O*L!  (Simply right-click one of the blog links under your feeds and choose “refresh all”)

I recently discovered The NuVal System of rating the nutritional value of foods. I think it’s a brilliant tool that will make choosing the healthiest bread, cereal, and snacks soooo much easier!  I was thrilled to see that it is a system in use at my favorite grocery store – Meijers! Yeah, ME!

 Tina and Melissa both have great blogs on how they incorporate the NuVal system into their grocery shopping

American Idol is on tonight – Lame, I know!  But I enJ*O*Y it!!

Did I mention I’m having my beard removed (insert sing-songy voice here) …..T~O~M~O~R~R~O~W…..!! 



~ Blogging makes me feel better, too!  YOU?   – Angie


8 Responses to "The Bearded Lady’s ~ Moments of Joy~"

I have a few stray hairs that really bug me. I think most people do.
I hope you get the results your hoping . You deserve this reward.

I am smiling with you:) How great that you can take care of something that has been bothering you for so long.

I have lots of blogs in my reader too and will have to see if that trick works for mine. Yes, I watch Idol. But DH and I are a week behind and still need to watch the last 3 shows. We are behind on all our viewing!

Every now and then I get a really annoying coarse chin hair that is so short that I end up practically stabbing myself with tweezers in order to pluck it! Congrats on the hair removal tomorrow…I’m sure you will totally love the results!

ha ha! You are so funny! 🙂 I too have some unwanted facial hair but mine is more like a mustache. I HATE IT. So please, please give an update on your hair removal so I’ll know it it’s worthwhile. 🙂

P.S. I’m an idol junkie too. A little disappointed with this year’s talent crop but I still HAVE to watch! LOL

Thanks for the support, Girls! I’ll have to post before and after photos… NOT BEFORE I have some AFTER, though! My facial hair is not little wispy vanity hairs – mine is a good 350 coarse, black, whiskers. My daughter (10) is so disgusted by my letting it grow for a couple days – she’s totally worried that she’ll be in high school with a beard!! ha, ha! Years of plucking then two years of USELESS electrolysis (where she told me to SHAVE in between treatments) have resulted in a Brad Pitt goatee. ICK. ~ Angie

Angie, Glad you are doing this for you! You deserve it.

As far as getting down at times…try not to be too hard on yourself. It is hard to stay extrememly motivated 100% of the time. Your best is different on different days. You are doing great things for yourself and building lasting change. Keep it up!

Good for you! That’s a great gift for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. We do have a lot in common! Wow! I noticed you began your blog January 5th (my birthday).

can’t wait to read how the “new, hairless you” feels! so glad you are doing something that means alot to you for yourself, but PLEASE,PLEASE don’t have any more embarassment in the future. we all have some strange thing we are embarassed about that is so not our fault and I am tired of that wasted emotion. of course I have to admit I am guilty of feeling the same way about myself…ugh!

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