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Posted on: March 17, 2010

St. Patrick’s Day “Magic”!

For St. Patty’s day I always serve my kids milk in a fancy glass goblet with our corned beef dinner. Before pouring the milk I put a tiny drop green food color in the bottom of the glass and “like magic” the white milk turns green as it enters the glass! They’ve since figured the trick out, as they’re older now, but they still enjoy their goofy mom’s “magic”. Ha, ha!

Our family likes to play a game where we ask each other things like – “If you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life which one would you choose?’… “If you had to be covered in zits or mosquito bites for a week which would you choose?”… and “What would you choose for your very last meal?”  The proper answers are, of course, Outback, mosquito bites, and Corned Beef with boiled potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and spicy mustard!   I L*O*V*E the traditional Boiled Corned Beef meal – truly L*O*V*E it.  I’m on a no beef or pork kick until my April 12th birthday, though.  On my birthday I will have gone 14 weeks without beef or pork.  I just thought that limiting myself to lean protein to start my weight loss journey would be another way to insure success.  BUT – that means no corned beef for me today.  Sad, sad, sad…  41.6 pounds lost in 10 weeks, though, gotta L*O*V*E that!  Alas, my beloved corned beef – surely we will meet again…



The Full Plate Diet?

I recently got this book from the library and was wondering if any of you have read it?  I haven’t gotten too far into it but the main idea seems to be incorporating extra fiber into your diet.  Anyone tried this?  Gram wise how much fiber do you try to add to your diet?  The Mayo Clinic (I figure they’re relatively reputable, right!) recommends a woman has 21-25 grams a day. I’m going to shoot for 40 fiber grams a day for a while and see if I notice any differences…




My Good Friend, Oprah,…

Oprah has a campaign going on Against Using Cell Phones While Driving. I think this is such an important topic and today Dr. Oz has a message on His Blog and a show about it. After watching one of Oprah’s shows on the issue I realized what a bad example I was setting for my kids (especially my teenager who will be driving before I know it!) and immediately stopped using it while driving. The stats about how many accidents are caused by cell phones are staggering – using your cell while driving is as dangerous as driving drunk!!  I hope all you healthy-conscious people out there are doing your part to keep yourself and you loved ones healthy as you’re driving?!


~ Time to get active… Don’t forget to wear GREEN and avoid getting pinched today!  – Angie



6 Responses to "Go G*R*E*E*N"

ooohhh yes! saw that oprah. I have 2 girls, 11 and 13 (almost 12 & 14, yikes) that have phones and text ALL THE TIME! My husband and I make it a big deal to not answer or talk on the phone in the car so they can see us not doing it. I have to admit when I hear the phone go off and I’m driving I have to resist the knee-jerk reaction not to pick it up. what is that about? Happy St. Patricks day! Sorry you are not having your favorite meal…I hope you can find a way to appreciate your amazing weight loss accomplishments so you don’t feel overly deprived. I love your blog and your stories so hang in there! Wear green, feel proud and make a green smoothie!

The friends we are vacationing with have warned me that no green means they will indeed pinch! The restaurant on the ski slope had corned beef for lunch but I wondered if it would be good so did not risk it. (Salad instead.) Your weight loss is awesome! Woo hoo:)

I would totally be in favor of a ban on cell phones while driving. Or at a minimum, texting while driving. No one should do that!

Be very careful when you do start incorporating beef back into your diet. After a period of time, your body gets used to not having it and I think can revolt if you reintroduce it too quickly. Maybe do some research on that? Maybe I’ve seen too many episodes of House…

As for fiber…I always thought the goal was 30-35g/day. Anywho….be very careful about the amount of and type of fiber you get per day. Don’t just jump up to 40g/day if you’re only getting about 20g/day now. OMG you would be in such pain. First, drink lots of water (I think you do now anyways, right?). Second, be aware of the differences between soluble and insoluble fiber. You need both in balance but it can be much easier to get insoluble fiber…leading to an imbalance and some nasty side effects. If you go the route of flaxseed, you’ll get fiber AND Omega 3’s which are awesome.

I love your Magic trick for the milk! I can imagine the first days your kids saw it – that must have been a rockin’ moment.

I did want to check in with you to make sure you were eating enough – to maintain an avg, 4lb week loss is a lot – are keeping things healthy? Just worried a little for ya girlie.

take care!

Thanks for the reminder about cell phone use while driving. I never text while driving but I do occasionally talk on the phone. I’m going to stop as well!

Oh, I’m so behind in checking in with my new blogging friends. I really like the green milk idea. I regret missing your post. My kids love St. Patrick’s day, and my husband insists to keep the magic going (yes, they do believe in leprechauns). That would have been perfect.

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