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2013 Bikram Yoga Log

I’ve had an on-again-off again romance with Bikram Yoga for a couple of years now.  I think it’s amazing but I really struggle to do it on a regular basis.  I SOOOO desire to be good at it but when the going gets tough I frequently quit.  I decided to keep a log as a way of reminding myself how far I’ve come in my practice.  Maybe 2013 is the year I really become a yogi?!


Thursday 11:30 – BYSN -Kate

Planned: Y

Effort: UGH – I was a wuss

Emotions: Really wanted to go, planned on really going for it, felt sick

Learned:  Bikram says that balancing is not part of standing bow.  Balancing isn’t used in the dialogue.  Proper stretching and kicking will take care of the balancing for you.

Notes: I sucked today and layed down WAY too much.  Basically all I did that was good was to stay in the room.



Wednesday 9:30 – Plnfld – Chris

Planned: Y

Effort: Strong – with few dizzy moments

Emotions: Looking forward to class today, left glad I went

Learned:  The importance of breathing through your nose during class is because it slows down our heart rate faster as you cannot pant or breathe fast through your nose.

Notes: Lots of newbies in the class today so she gave extra instructions and only did one of each of the last 4 poses.  She also had the fan on alot.  I did everything on the floor but missed one tirangle and standing head to knee as I was dizzy.  Chris demonstrated a proper triangle pose that was helpful.  She showed how to lift up into it which actually makes it easier to do.



Monday 5:30 – BYSN Carol

Planned: Y

Effort: Did 99.9% but half-heartedly

Emotions: I felt like I HAD to go.

Learned:  Savasana is going from extreme effort to extreme relaxation.

Notes: My spot was taken.  My legs felt weak.  Eventually I just stopped thinking and did what she said.  It ended up being a good class and I think I learned a lesson.  It’s okay to stop thinkng and just do it.  I realized I’ve been pretty depressed the last few days.  Just really out of sorts and it’s been following me into the yoga room and making me tired.



Sunday 4:00 – BYSN Shelly

Planned: Y

Effort: pretty strong. front row.

Emotions: Another class where my mind wasn’t quite there.  Proud of the job I did, though.

Learned:  To quickly scan your body in savasana and release all the tension.  To slow your heart by breathing in for 6 counts and out for eight.

Notes: 6 guys on my side of the room.  Guys aren’t the best at yoga – they wobble and move too much.  I was next to a weirdo.  All of it combined inspired me to work harder, though.



Friday 5:30 – BYSN Chris

Planned: Y

Effort: gotta admit it was a little weak

Emotions: I wanted to go but once there I just COULD NOT keep my head in the room – no concentration today.


Notes: The class was really crowded.  There was a lot of fidgeting and people leaving, resting, and taking drink breaks.  I noticed but didn’t let it throw me into a bad mood.  I was proud of that but otherwise the class just didn’t advance my practice in any way.  I wasn’t there today.  As a result I was wobbly and off-balance during the first half.  I did everything today – just not at 100% which I’ve always prided myself on. Normally, I may sit if I have to, but I give 100% during every pose I do.  I can’t say that about tonight’s class.



Wednesday 12:30 Plainfield – Steph

Planned: Y

Effort: 85%? (again)

Emotions: tired, not really in the mood to go

Learned:  Really hold your thumbs in tight during prayer positions makes it easier to hold your hands in the position correctly

Notes: My legs were fatigued today. The room was colder than usual or I probably wouldn’t have been able to do as much – the fatigued legs and heat would have been too much for me today.  I did all the floor poses and skipped the 1/4 part of 2 of the standing series.  All in all I felt like it was an “okay” class.  Not my best effort but I was there!



Tuesday 11:30 Snaper – Linda

Planned: Y

Effort: 85%?

Emotions: Fearful on way, stressed almost late, excited for new teacher, satisfied when I left

Learned:  Bikram says ” no duck butts” during Eagle pose.  Series is designed for students to do 10 backbends in a row without a forward stretch.  Bikram says it bulletproofs us!  Linda said that tensing muscles that should be relaxed during a pose (such as clenching your jaw) is an energy sucker – like turning all your lights off at night but having computer in sleep mode, night lights on, and an outside door cracked open (they all suck energy ).  The series build up to the final four poses which are the extreme backbend, forward bend, stretch, and twist.  Skipping those poses is like working all week then not picking up your paycheck.  She gave a great image for legs in cobra – zipper them up!

Notes: After doing every poses yesterday I did not want to set myself up to fail by expecting a repeat.  I know that everyday is different.  I went in with the idea of using the first poses to see where I was today – I was a little weak.  I did everything except the second set of triangle, standing head to knee, and rabbit (with my chest and stomach I smother myself in rabbit!!).  I was pleased with my class and enjoyed Linda’s teaching.



Monday 12:30 – Kris

Planned: Y

Effort: ALL I HAD

Emotions: Thrilled with my performance

Learned:  That when I stand on my heals properly in the early standing excercises IT FEELS DIFFERENT.  It feels better coming out of camel if I actually follow the directions and replace my hands to my lower back coming up.

Notes: I DID EVERY POSE!  ALL 56!  I’m so happy.  I felt like I had something to prove to Kris – which is silly as she doesn’t know that’s how I felt!!  I struggled but set my mind and just did it.  I even held my standing bow through thr whole count 3 of the 4 times!  I’m a superstar!!



Sunday 10:00 SNaper – Chris

Planned: Y

Effort: Full Out Awesome – day 2

Emotions: Spent – I gave it all – strong


Notes: Love Chris’s class.  His dialogue was super fast and the pace just works for me.  I did ALL of the floor (minus the forward bend on separate leg stretch).  It was actually fun.  His class just flies by.



Saturday 10:00 SNaper – Carol

Planned:  Y

Effort:  Full Out Awesome!

Emotions:  Content, proud,

Notes:  Did really well – nearer the front – UNDER a little Breeze!!!  I found a cool spot!  Did almost everything today!


Friday 5:30 SNaper – Chris

Planned:  Y

Effort:  STRONG – in middle of class good throughout

Emotions:  Happy, content, proud, strong

Learned:  switch grip second set, watch thumb in triangle, in savasana “relax, recover, repair”

Notes:  Chris talked really fast and it didn’t give my mind time to wander.  I also made myself lay through the discomfort of stomach savasana telling myself I’d be uncomfortable in any position at that time anyway.  I did almost 2 of everything except balancing stick, triangle, and rabbit.  Good night!



Wednesday 12:30 Plfld – Stephanie

Planned:  Y

Effort:  Strong – weaker towards the end – wanted to do well

Emotions:  Left feeling up and proud, healthy

Learned:  Bikram says the 10 minutes doing spine strengthening is the most important part of the class

Notes:  Had to practice in front of newbies today.  It made me work harder but also feel weak as I lost the ability to do two of each pose.  I didn’t let it bother me for long, though.  I wanted to do well in front of Stephanie.  It makes such a difference to have a good teacher.  I need to breathe during EACH pose.  I still give up too easily.  All in all I was proud to have gone straight from work, though.



Tuesday 6:30, Plnfd – Maria

Planned:  Y

Effort:  Started very strong – wimped out during back on floor

Emotions:  angry – didn’t respect teacher – so it threw off my intention

Learned:  I hate discomfort – I have to learn to just sit with it

Notes:  I let my frustration with the teacher and the heat get to me tonight.  I had a very strong standing portion and only managed one of most on the floor.  I had a very hard time staying focused.


Sunday 10:00, SNaperville – Carol
Planned:  Y
Effort:  Gave up too easily today.  Did only one of too many sets
Emotions:  Looking forward to it, struggled early on, good afterwards, though
Learned:  If a thought doesn’t serve you well during class, just let it go.  In Savasana imagine laying on beach, inhale waves come up beach on exhale they recede
Notes:  Wrote “I’m Here” on my mat.  During low points I focused on it.  I think I gave up too easily today, though.  Need to work on breathing through the poses.  I was out of breath a lot.  Decided to take next day off.  I don’t want it to become a chore.
Thursday 9:30  Plainfield – Kris
Planned:  Y
Effort:  Went down as I struggled – a little weak
Emotions:  Sad when I left
Notes:  Went after my 12-7 shift.  I struggled more than I expected to.  Kris taught and I sorta feel like I give up easier when she’s the teacher.  It’s like I assume she doesn’t expect much from me so I don’t expect much from me.  I sat some out.  I left feeling sad – emotional.  I felt horrible the rest of the day.  I came home and slept.  Woke up hot and with a headache.
Saturday 4:00, SNaperville – Silverio
Planned:  Y
Effort:  Good but faltered during floor – settled for one of each pose
Emotions:  Great start, Good at end
Notes:  It was very warm –  in a different way than Plainfield.  Possibly more humid?  I liked it at first but was too hot by the time we reached the floor.  The teacher was dull, foreign, and hard to understand but the studio is nice.  The room was very full.  I managed to do at least one set of everything which I was proud of.  I left happy, proud, and feeling good.
Wednesday 12:30, Plainfield – Stephanie
Planned:  N
Effort:  Strong – Determined
Emotions:  Proud
Learned:  knees should be off the ground when in cobra
Notes:  First class in a couple of months.  I was able to just be happy and proud that I was there.  My belly is still in the way making the forward bending particularly uncomfortable but what do I expect?  Had a fair class and left feeling proud.  Was very hot for hours afterwards and tired.

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