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GAL’s Jan 13th $20 Club

Posted on: January 10, 2016

Hi!  This is a copy of the photo invite that Gail, Angie, and Lindsey recently sent out to family and friends regarding the January 13th, 2016 Powerball drawing.  As entries are received I will compile the photos and post them here for all club members to see.


Looking for a January 13th Powerball Club to Join?

Write 5 things on your $20 ticket but do not write on barcode (fine tip sharpies work best):

  • 1)  GAL’s Jan 13th $20 Club
  • 2)  Sign your full name
  • 3)  ONLY 1 $20 entry per person allowed
  • 4)  Entry equals 1 share of club’s 5/5 + Powerball JACKPOT winning ticket ONLY (taken as lump sum).
  • 5)  This ticket IS NOT entered in any other club or group.

Send a photo of your $20 ticket with above 5 things written on it to: XXX-XXX-XXXX by NOON on Wednesday, January 13th to be included in this Club’s JACKPOT ONLY winnings – Please text your full name as well (in case your signature is hard to read).  You will receive a confirmation text from XXX-XXX-XXXX when your entry is received that will serve as your proof of club membership.

Also, all pictures of GAL’s Jan 13th $20 Club ticket entries will be posted on by 8:00 pm CST on January 13, 2016.

All members will keep their own ticket entries and any winnings less than the 5/5+Powerball JACKPOT.  In the event one of our club tickets does win the JACKPOT, the ticket owner agrees to contact me, Angie SXXXXX XXX-XXX-XXXX within 24 hours, and to work with me and an agreed-upon-lawyer to include all club members in the JACKPOT claiming process BEFORE the winning ticket is turned in. 


Let’s get our luck on!









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