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Joyful Lists

I’m a list maker.  Lists are F*U*N when they’re full of things that you L*O*V*E and

U*S*E*F*U*L when they help you reach important goals.


The reasons I want to lose weight:

To not always be the one behind the camera for fear of being caught off guard in front of it

To not have to hide behind people when I am having my picture taken

To be able to walk comfortably, even during the summer, without my thighs rubbing themselves raw

To be able to shop a Victoria’s Secret again

To not feel embarrassed to meet my husband’s co-workers

To be able to look in the mirror and not immediatley see a double chin

To feel less self-conscience

To feel more comfortable in my skin

To feel more comfortable in clothes

To never again have to loop a rubberband through the button hole on my jeans to keep them closed

To never have to experience the feeling of “Once again needing to buy a bigger size.”

To enjoy shopping again

To have more self-confidence

To walk into a room without “scanning” to see if I’m the largest woman in the room

To feel “visible” again

To wear a bathing suit proudly

To tuck in a shirt

To shop in “regular” sized stores

To wear current trends

To wear cute yoga outfits in class

To feel sexy again

To have more energy

To be healthy and live longer

To teach my kids to live healthier lives

To fit on amusement park rides

To not feel embarrassed when I meet new people

To feel proud of myself

To help my body fight depression

To not get diabetes

To feel pretty again

To be less inhibited in intimate situations

To live a more active life

To become more outgoing

To feel like I belong instead of standing out

To stop looking around to see if I’m the largest in a room

To not feel guilty when I eat treats

To enjoy life more

To feel like myself again

To lose the picture in my mind of  having been eaten by some fat lady

To not have to constantly do “modesty checks” to “hide” my belly

To not be afraid to go home and run into someone from high school

To not be afraid to be included in photos

To feel more confident making eye contact

To feel as though my thoughts and opinions matter

To finally end the cycle of yo-yo dieting

To be able to wear tank tops and NOT get my usual farmer’s tan

To be able to occassionally have a second-helping without feeling as though I’m being judged



I hit a low point recently and had to really struggle to make it through the day.  I did it by making a plan and working the plan.  In preparation for the next low day, that I’m sure will come (that’s just life), I’m going to make a list of ways to lift my spirits and power through the low moments on this life ADVENTURE!

Shower, shave my legs, lotion up, do my makeup, put contacts in, put perfume on, maybe do my nails…

Turn the tv off – get off the couch!

Update my blog – but don’t stay on the computer very long

Practice parayama breathing

Do an iPod meditation

Put iPod on and dance through my chores

Get out of the house

Cook something for the family

Try a new recipe

Do something nice for someone else

Make a Moments of Joy List

List your weight loss accomplishments

Read an inspirational book

Exercise for 20 minutes (chance are after 20 you’ll want to do more!)

Do anything except nap!!!

Do some laughter yoga

Smile for 1 minute

Dance, Dance, Dance

Sing at the top of your lungs


Look through a photo album

Send someone a card to make their day

Play a game with the kids

Snuggle with Cooper

Get a pedicure

Relax at the bookstore

Vacuum naked (ha, ha – I’d never!)



Movies I *L*O*V*E* (as in have watched *N*U*M*E*R*O*U*S* times over the years):

  • Cousins – (Ted Danson & Isabella Roselini) – so romantic!
  • Ever After, 50 First Dates,  Fever Pitch– (Drew Barrymore, Drew Barrymore, Drew Barrymore!)
  • Shining Through (Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffith) –
  • Mystic Pizza (One of Julia Roberts first movies) – funny, romantic, touching!
  • Ella (Anne Hathaway) – Cute, original story.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Brad & Angelina) – Who’s your daddy, now?
  • Moll Flanders – (Robin Wright Penn & Morgan Freeman)
  • Far & Away – (Tom Cruise & Nicloe Kidman)
  • Always – (Richard Dreyfuss, Holly Hunter)
  • The Notebook – (Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling) – Perfect Casting!

Yep, I’m a sucker for the Happy Ending!



Words I L*O*V*E (they just bring a good feeling into my mind or feel good on my tongue!):

  • Clever
  • Extraordinary
  • Frolic
  • Genuine
  • Lavish
  • Mindfulness
  • Moxxy
  • Smitten
  • Tantalizing
  • Vibrant
  • Whimsical



Not in the least bit healthy but sometimes…. sometimes I just need one!!

Subway or Jimmy John’s – Tuna sub on wheat with pepper jack, lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, yellow peppers

Culver’s – Fried Cod Sandwich with Cheese Curds

Wendy’s – Spicy Chicken Sandwich meal with x-tra Tomatoes

Portillo’s – Chopped Salad (Yes, I said salad – it’s THAT good!)

Portillo’s – Hamburger (Lettuce, Onion, Mustard) & Onion Rings

Taco Bell – Burrito Supreme (no red sauce) and Crunchy Tacos

McDonald’s – Filet O-Fish (extra tartar sauce) and greasy/but not soggy fries

Jimmy Johns – #5 (Italian sub) – light Mayo and extra dressing

Steak and Shake – Frisco Burger (grilled bread with swiss, thousand island, tomatoes, and lettuce)  with Fries and a shake, of course

Popeyes – Fried Shrimp with Red Beans and Rice

Honorable Mention:  Arby’s – Giant Roast Beef with Mustard and Curly Fries



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________* * ANGIE * *________

They say that muscle is heavier "by volume" than fat is, which means 5 lbs. of muscle takes up less space than 5 lbs. of fat within a body. I'm a believer. This totally explains how your clothes begin to fit better even though the numbers on the scale aren' t moving very fast.

This is GROSS. I know. But I'd rather see the fat HERE than on my body...

Each time we “resist” an urge to fall off plan or not exercise we strengthen our “resistance muscle” and each time we “give in” to temptation we strengthen our “give in muscle” making it easier to either "resist" or "give in" next time.

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